Named for the roughly 8,100 acres of "Brush Mountain Wilderness" and "Brush Mountain East Wilderness" in the Jefferson National Forest, ThunderCroft's Brush Mountain Lodge and its acreage are a true wilderness experience.  The "lodge" itself is actually a fully furnished and newly renovated natural timber-framed cabin,  located across from the main gate entrance to the ThunderCroft property.  Visitors can access the Lodge and the adjoining Brush Mountain Trail using the long gravel driveway that leads into the woods adjacent to the Jefferson National Forest.  It's far enough away from the main ThunderCroft acreage that it provides pretty close to total seclusion from the outside world.  The lodge sits along Brush Mountain Trail which is accessible by foot just behind the Lodge.

Brush Mountain Lodge, Front and Side View

Brush Mountain Lodge, Rear and Side View

The Jefferson National Forest

Stunning views of the Jefferson National Forest are possible year round from both of the third floor bedrooms as well as from the exterior adjoining tree top porches.  Guests often enjoy the early morning hours for bird watching and the early evening hours for listening to the choruses of frogs, toads and owls.   For the Jefferson National Forest, the U.S.D.A. Forest Service reports more than 175 species of songbirds, owls and falcons as well as an assortment of frogs and toads to include American Toads, Fowler's Toads, Northern Spring Peepers, Gray Tree Frogs, Upland Chorus Frogs, Green and Wood Frogs and Pickerel Frogs.

Brush Mountain Lodge private driveway

Although the main residence and its numerous exterior porches are the usual gathering places for guests, ThunderCroft also offers two more 'secluded' and private areas referred to as "Quiet Retreats!"  Brush Mountain Lodge is the larger of our two retreats and is most reminiscent of a "summer camp lodge." Wakinyan Tree Lodge is the smaller of the two retreats; however, what it lacks in size it makes up for with its childhood fantasy treehouse theme.  The inside is small, rustric and will require a pioneer sort of spirit as the amenities are sparse!  Click here to visit Wakinyan Tree Lodge.

For the outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, the lodge offers remarkable opportunities for engaging with wildlife.   Whether or not guests prefer a more passive "porch loving" approach or the "hiking experience," the lodge and surrounding acreage will be sure to satisfy everyone's needs.  In the immediate vicinity, guests may spend time on any of the quiet covered porch areas, each with a different perspective and view of the adjacent gardens and forest.  The front porch swing and neighboring cedar gazebo overlook a small native plant meadow which is a favorite spot for several flocks of wild turkeys as well as a suite of native songbirds.  The adjacent side porch overlooks a quaint cottage garden and koi pond, offering an assortment of colorful butterflies and insects.  The two third floor bedrooms have adjoining back balconies offering commanding views of the Jefferson National Forest--a perfect spot for viewing wildlife and finding complete solitude.  

A Cabin Retreat With a Truly Rustic Feel

Originally constructed in 1992, this 2,166 foot square Cape Cod style lodge has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a modern kitchen.  Propane fuels the heating system and stove but for the more rustic experience, guests may also enjoy a fireplace as well as a wood stove.  Exposed natural timber and stone interior blend with all natural hardwood floors providing guests with the truest sense of modern cabin life.  Although guests will find themselves totally isolated in this woods retreat, the lodge offers fully functional wifi for work as well as for pleasure.  

Handmade Amish furniture forms a sitting room next to a large solarium

One of the four bedroom areas in the lodge with authentic Amish bedding

A fully functional modern kitchen supports casual as well as formal cooking

Natural pine hardwood floors, exposed birch timbers and authentic mountain stone complete the rustic interior

Intimate Encounters With Nature Abound

The lush dense forest is home to numerous species of frogs and toads whose calls fill the warm evening air of spring and summer.

Great Horned Owl, Greg Hume, CC Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

Brush Mountain Lodge

A Quiet Woodland Retreat

Just a short distance from the lodge itself if a large timber barn, complete with hayloft, covered parking for all terrain vehicles and a well stocked supply of split hardwood logs for the interior fireplace and wood stove.

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