Although the main residence and exterior porches are the usual gathering places for guests, ThunderCroft also offers two more 'secluded' and private areas we affectionally refer to as "Quiet Retreats!"  Whether our guests need a quiet place for day working or reflecting or perhaps even a more secluded overnight location, both of our quiet retreat areas offer the necessary ammenties to make guests feel at home.  Brush Mountain Lodge is the larger of our two retreats and is most reminiscent of a "summer camp lodge." Wakinyan Tree Lodge is the smaller of the two retreats; however, what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for with its childhood fantasy treehouse theme.  

Wakinyan Tree House,  Front View, summer 2017

Wakinyan Tree House Construction

With its completion nearing an end, we invite guests to look back at the actual construction of our elaborate tree house!

Just a Quick Stroll Down a Path

About one quarter of the way down Wakinyan Trail, guests will encounter Wakinyan Tree Lodge,  the smaller of our quiet retreats at ThunderCroft.  Built entirely from felled Red Ceder timber native to ThunderCroft, the tree house is a modestly furnished one room retreat nestled in the forest tree line.  The interior exposed timber walls are framed by overhead beams, all with native Red Cedar.  Guests will find  the interior to be open and generously illuminated with ambient light which streams through numerous large windows.  When evening falls, guests have the option for interior battery or generator supplied lighting and heat from a propane heater if needed.  The lodge has comfortable seating for up to 8 people making in an ideal spot for small intimate meetings or family time.  It is highly recommended that a cooler of beverages tag along with guests.  The Tree Lodge is a perfect place to sit quietly to observe wildlife coming through.  It is not unusual to hear three different varieties of owls hooting away at night, turkey gobbling is common, as are the yips and howls of coyotes in the evening.  As of this writing the outdoor "Johnny House" is under construction.

Wakinyan Tree Lodge in March Snow, 2018

Intimate Experiences With Nature

For guests who prefer a more up close and intimate experience with nature, the tree lodge provides oversized louvered windows and sliding glass doors.  Two sides of the tree house converge on a large wrap around deck offering stunning views of the surrounding forest.  Wakinyan Trail is known for encounters with some of our more elusive species of wildlife including fox, deer, turkey and bear--all of whom can be enjoyed from the safety of the treetop location.  For the coming 2018 season, we are exploring the option for running water.

One corner of the interior has snuggly intimate seating which makes for a perfect reading or reflecting spot!

A Quiet Retreat at ThunderCroft Wakinyan Tree Lodge

Farm style table and chairs with a rolling refreshment bar flank one end of the tree lodge

Stunning year round views are possible from the safety of the wrap around covered porch.