Wildlife Observation Cameras

An integral part of ThunderCroft's Wildlife Conservation Programs involves on-going real time observation cameras situated throughout the 160 acre tract.  Each camera is equipped with Passive Infared Motion Sensors cued to record high quality HD audio and video recordings, allowing unobtrusive observation and recording of sensitive wildlife data.  High quality still images as well as 2-5 minute video recordings offer a glimpse into the intimate lives of a wide variety of wildlife and allow the monitoring of their health, daily life patterns and reproduction.  Click on one of ThunderCroft's 5 Wildlife CAMS to see a collection of the most recent wildlife data images and videos.

Visit Camera 1  Wakinyan Trail Camera

Wildlife:  Black Bear, Turkey, White Tailed Deer

Visit Camera 2  xxxx Trail Camera

Wildlife:  xxxx

Visit Camera 3  xxxx Trail Camera

Wildlife:  xxxx

Visit Camera 4  xxxx Trail Camera

Wildlife:  xxxx

Visit Camera 5  xxxx Trail Camera

Wildlife:  xxxx

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