Equestrian Fun For Everyone

Visitors to ThunderCroft should make time to visit the family's barn where the other "members of the family" reside.  "Nimuea, Cade and Mr. B" are ThunderCroft's horses which offer endless hours of enjoyment for visitors young and old.  When Buck is out tending the meadows and trails, the barn and stables are where you will most likely find Janet.  If you are lucky enough, you may actually see their daughter Kara on a return trip to her family home.  

The Little Man

"Bear Paw Thai One On," otherwise known as "Bailey" or, simply, "Mr. B," is by definition, a "miniature horse" as his species height is less than 38 inches tall.  Originally bred in Europe in the 1600's, this horse line was generally appreciated as a "family pet" and, as such, the breed evolved an extremely pleasant disposition.   At 15+ years of age, Mr. B has become quite docile and obedient making him the perfect introductory animal to even the youngest potential equestrian.  He saddles up in the same fashion as his taller counterparts, yet offers young small riders an opportunity to gain confidence in the saddle while remaining quite close to the ground.  He works well with a bridle and a lead; however, his disposition is so gentle that the family often allows him to roam freely amongst the guests.  He does have a mischievous nature about him and, if left alone, will investigate every nook and cranny for morsels of food.  He and Cade have that in common.  Leave Cade to his own devices and you will find entire trash cans picked up and carried to unusual locations.

The Barn and Its Current Occupants

As ThunderCroft sits fairly high in the mountainous region of Virginia where the weather can be brutal, the stables provide year round protection for our three horses.   The facility is outfitted with 6 full sized stalls with varying stall door heights to accommodate full size horses as well Mr. B's 3 foot tall "miniature-horse" stature.  The center breezeway allows for the movement of animals and farm equipment.   Although only three of the stalls are used for horses, the remaining stalls can be used for visiting horses as well as for the rearing of various broods of chickens and ducks.   The facility has all the essentials, electricity, running water, storage for hay and feed and a fairly large "tack room" for saddles and related tack.

"Can Do" and "Nimuae"

The two full sized horses are named "Can Do" and "Numuae."  Both are roughly 20 years old and are fairly well trained.  Can Do or "Cade" is a chestnut brown American Quarterhorse and Thorougbred mix.

ThunderCroft's Barn and Stables

Daughter Kara, right and best friend, Sydney

Interior View of Barn and Stables

Janet, right, with future equestrian



Mr. B

Other Occupants of the Barn

At various times throughout the seasons, the barn and stables are often home to many other occupants.  Some of our favorite are the baby chicks and ducks which we often rear out in the protection of the various available stables.  Occasionally barn swallows roost in the interior rafters and on at least several different occasions, some of our 'late returning' quail have sought shelter on cold dark nights.

Mr. B taking a stroll with Janet

Equestrian Recreation and Instruction

In addition to offering a riding ring for recreational riding, we embrace the opportunity to provide instruction in the care of horses and are happy to help young and old learn to become more familiar and comfortable with horses, both in and out of the saddle.