ThunderCroft's Fire Circle

As part of our facility offerings, ThunderCroft has a large outdoor "fire circle" with seating to accommodate small intimate gatherings as well as large group events.  In keeping with our concerns for the environment, we use only timber collected from the ThunderCroft property.  

Another Blissful Night By The Fire

ThunderCroft's Fire Circle, March 2018

Parts of this felled tree were used to create furniture and the scraps were harvested for the woodpile

The Savannah Cut Forest Restoration Program salvaged logs for furniture as well several of our firewood piles

ThunderCroft's Fire Circle

Below the lower paddock west of the stables sits ThunderCroft's social fire circle.  Surrounded by hand made Red Cedar benches and stocked with a gracious supply of seasoned wood, the fire circle is the perfect spot for late afternoon and evening gatherings.  In keeping with our conservation goals,  all of the wood used for fuel is either collected, salvaged or felled from the surrounding forests of ThunderCroft.