McAfee's Knob Hiking Trail

Erin Prucha, trail name "Cloud View",  picking wild blueberries along her epic hike of the Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is a 2,175 mile long hiking trail spanning 14 states from Georgia to Maine along the majestic mountain tops of the Appalachian Mountains.  The trek offers hikers an uninterrupted path completely immersed in the natural flora and fauna of the various states and regions it transects.  Often considered a "bucket list" adventure and certainly a "must do" for any avid hiker, the trail itself offers numerous starting and stopping points along its main route for those who may not be interested in completing the entire path as a "thru hike" experience.    Visitors to ThunderCroft are encouraged to consider taking what is considered the single most majestic partial trail on the journey which can easily be completed in a single day's outing.  McAfee Knob Hiking Trail is roughly a 9 mile hike from start to finish, bringing hikers to the most sought after picturesque overhang, "McAfee's Knob", which offers a 270 degree mountain top view.

The Appalachian Trail

Coming Soon:  Follow the journey of two hikers and their dog as they complete an epic "flip flop" hike the Appalachian Trail

"Flip Flop" Hikers at their trail midpoint, McAfee's Knob, Virginia

Less than a 25 minute drive from the main entrance of ThunderCroft is McAfee's Knob Trail.   The hike begins at the trailhead parking area off of Virginia Route 311 and offers hikers a moderately steep climb to around 1,700 feet in altitude.  Hikers in average physical condition can expect the hike to the summit and back to take roughly 5 hours.  Hydration is critically important and hikers are encouraged to consider packing a light duty backpack with extra layers of clothing, adequate water and certainly a camera to photograph the summit.  Park rules require day group hikes to limit themselves to 25 hikers.  Dogs are welcomed but the park service requires them to be leashed.  Camping and fires are limited to a number of shelters in the area.

USGS Appalachian Trail Zones in the United States by Jo CC