As a precaution, we always urge our visitors to become familiar with Non-Edible and Toxic Plants before exploring our edible plants.  Please click here to visit our Poisonous Plant Page

Edible Plants

The meadows and forests of ThunderCroft are home to numerous edible plants.  As we are responsible landowners, we urge our visitors to view this page as a dynamic educationally informative database.  For more precise information, we urge you to explore online resources which offer more inclusive information regarding any specific toxins and varying degrees of impact on human health.  Where possible, we have included images of numerous species taken here on the various trails of ThunderCroft.

Fiddlehead Fern, "Polupodiopsida class"

Paw Paw Fruits, "Asimina triloba"

Wineberry, "Rubus phoenicolasius"

Wild Lowbush Blueberries, "Vaccinium angustifolium"

Wild Onion Flower Head

Freshly picked Wineberries, "Rubus phoenicolasius"

Some of the Edible Plants at ThunderCroft

Rubus spp., "Blackberry" and "Raspberry"

Cichorium intybus, "Chicory"

Gaylussacia baccata, "Huckleberry"

Pinus spp.,"Pine Trees"

Allium trucoccum, "Ramps"

Allium spp., "Wild Onions"

Vitus spp., "Wild Grape"

Gaultheria procumbens, "Wintergreen"

Oxalis spp., "Wood Sorrel"

Taraxacum officinale, "Dandelion"

Sassafras albidum, "Sassafrass Tree"