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ThunderCroft's Navigable Trail System

Daily Trail Inspection

Most trails are broad enough to accommodate casual walkers, serious hikers, all terrain vehicles and in most cases, horseback riders.  Every attempt has been made to restore and preserve naturally occurring vegetation so visitors should anticipate encounters with a wide variety of plants ranging from wild grasses and flowers to a variety of naturally occurring shrubs and trees.  The habitat varies from forest to meadows in about a 50/50 ratio.

Trailhead Sign

Trail Safety

The safety of visitors, as well as our wildlife, is of paramount importance and, as such, we are happy to help educate you before you embark on any of the trails.  Hiking shoes, a trail map, insect repellant (important), water and at least one cell phone are staples for any trekking. However, snacks, a camera, a flashlight if its getting late and perhaps a field notebook for recording the experience should also be considered.

Warning: Deer ticks are in the area in relative abundance, so it is very important to spray with insect repellent before a trek.  Deer ticks are known carriers of Lyme Disease.  

Click here to visit the Centers for Disease Control where you can learn about the tick borne diseases, tick removal and specific disease symptoms.

Wildlife Encounters on The Trails

As we strive to maintain entirely native habitat, visitors should also anticipate encounters with native insects, birds, a few reptiles and amphibians and chance sightings of the regions wide range of mammal species.  Chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, white tailed deer and turkey are in abundance.  More elusive species such as red fox, coyote and even black bears are known inhabitants of the land and visitors should always be on the lookout for a potential encounter.  

Horseback Trail Riding

Eastern Box Turtle

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Our Eight Walking and Hiking Trails

Visitors to ThunderCroft will enjoy an extensive network of maintained navigable trails.  Walking and hiking are always options; however, guests may prefer to use the 4 wheel drive Gator to take in the sights along 6 of the 8 trails on the property. Each trail is marked at its trailhead with signage milled from ThunderCroft Red Cedars.