Fly Fishers on the New River

The Underlying Mission of ThunderCroft

ThunderCroft is a majestic 160 acre tract of land just outside of Blacksburg, Virginia in the heart of Virginia's Ridge and Valley Region.  Bounded by the Appalachian Plateau to the west and The Blue Ridge Mountains to the east, this once thriving agricultural farm has been restored in form and function to the wild native habitat once experienced by the original peoples of the region.  In a partnership initiated by the New River Land Trust, the ThunderCroft property has joined numerous other land donors who have generously tucked their landholdings into the watchful fold of a conservation easement with the Virginia Outdoors Foundation.

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The craggy mountainous cliffs overlooking the New River just outside of Blacksburg, Virginia

A blissful moment, Buck Cox on The New River

The New River Land Trust of Southwestern Virginia

The New River Land Trust and the Virginia Outdoor Foundation are both agencies that work cooperatively to assist landowners in protecting the integrity of  natural landscapes and resources in the New River Region of Southwestern Virginia.  The New River itself is actually the oldest river on the continent of North America and one of the 5 oldest rivers in the world.  The river was formed during the Alleghenian Orogeny some 320 to 340 million years ago.  Today, the river's waters begin in North Carolina and flow in an unusual northerly track through Virginia and into West Virginia. Due to its unique course across the Appalachian Mountain Plateau, it has served as a historically important biological pathway for the natural succession and evolution of numerous species of plants and animals.  In 1998, President Bill Clinton officially designated the New River and 13 others in the United States as official American Heritage Rivers.

The New River in Montgomery County, Virginia Image Source:  Eric T. Gunther, CC by SA 3.0

ThunderCroft's Commitment

Appreciating the economic as well as aesthetic relationship between the river and its adjacent communities has driven numerous families in the area to protect not only their individual landholdings, but the region as a whole.   The establishment of ThunderCroft as an official conservation easement will have a long standing direct impact on the overall quality of the New River Region for generations to come.