Virginia Tech Student Science Alliance Teams

Emily Gardner

Joe is a senior studying Wildlife Conservation with aspirations to attain an additional minor in Entomology. After graduating from Virginia Tech in 2015 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, he worked for Toyota for a year before leaving the field and returning to Virginia Tech to pursue his passion in the outdoors. He has traveled North America with a devotion to wildlife photography, focusing mostly on birds and invertebrates. Joe plans on enrolling in a Master’s program somewhere out west and continuing his passion for the outdoors. Here he is pictured banding a young royal tern, the last year Virginia’s largest tern colony nested on the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel before the Department of Transportation paved over the colony's location.

Emily is a senior studying Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech.  She attended Blue Ridge Community College and received her Associate’s degree before transferring to Virginia Tech. Emily enjoys and aims to gain knowledge about all species, but birds have become her personal favorite since she began working with them in 2019. After graduation, she plans to work as a field technician for a few years in various places across the United States. Once she’s had her fill or the right opportunity arises, she aims to return to school for her Master’s degree. Outside of birds, her hobbies include kayaking, swimming, hiking, fishing, gardening, cooking, and baking. She’s pictured here using a spotting scope to resight shorebird leg bands. attended Blue Ridge Community College where she received her Associate's degree.   She transferred to Virginia Tech and is currently a senior majoring in Wildlife Conservation.

Hannah  is a senior studying Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech.  Prior to attending Virginia Tech she volunteered at Blue Ridge Wildlife Center, helping rehabilitators care for injured wildlife. She is pictured here with a male Candy Darter caught during a field experience in Ichthyology. She loves spending time outdoors and during the summer of 2019 she studied abroad in Kasane, Botswana working alongside Dr. Kathleen Alexander, helping African wildlife and educating the public about conservation and one health initiatives. She enjoys hiking, reading, and going "herping" in her free time. Upon graduation she hopes to work in the field as a technician in many parts of the world as she loves new places and the adventure of living in a foreign country.  

Margot is a senior studying Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech.   Prior to Tech, she spent many years in the Virginia wine industry where she worked as the general manager of a winery and vineyard and gained experience working in a lab. She has always loved all things wild and outdoors and spends her free time hiking and camping with her dog. Margot completed the Virginia Master Naturalist Program in 2017 which made her realize her true passion is in the natural world and wildlife. Since attending Tech, she has volunteered in various labs to gain experience. Most recently, she has been assisting in Dr. Hopkins lab with work on the eastern hellbender. She is interested in ecotoxicology and wildlife physiology, especially in herpetofauna. Upon graduation, Margot hopes to gain experience in the field before pursuing graduate school.

Hannah Moreland

Margot Breiner

Jena Aistropis

Kinsey Cox

Taina McLeod

Taina is a senior studying Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech graduating in Spring 2020. Here, she is holding a praying mantis while searching for turtles. She has done most of her work in college with terrestrial salamanders and other herps! Even though she is happy to herp, she loves all wildlife!

Kinsey is a senior sudying Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech, and on the pre-veterinary track, graduating the fall of 2020. She plans on going to veterinary school after she graduates, and working in conservation after. She loves working with all wildlife, even the scaly, slimy, or many-legged ones! In this picture, she is holding a dark-eyed junco, caught by a mist net at Mountain Lake Biological Station.

Jenn Borke

Jena is a senior studying Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech. She previously studied at New River Community College, and graduated with an Associates in Science before transferring in 2017. She plans to graduate in 2020.

Jenn is a senior studying Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech aspiring to graduate in the Spring of 2020.  She previously studied Architecture at VT before discovering her love for nature and wildlife. Transfering into the College of Natural Resources has been the best decision she has ever made! In this photo she is holding a garter snake at Mountain Lake Biological Station in Pembroke, VA.

Joe Girgente

Henry is a senior studying Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech aspiring to graduate in the Spring of 2020.  He is interested in ecological, behavioral and physiological responses to a changing climate.  He is pictured here with an eastern hellbender which he studied for two years at Virginia Tech, focusing on stress hormone research.  He is an avid birder, hiker and mountain biker.  Additionally, Henry served as the Team Captain for the Freestyle Ski/Snowboard Team within the Viirginia Tech Snow Club.  After graduation, Henry plans to pursue seasonal wildlife research and ultimately obtain a Master's Degree.  

Devin is a senior studying Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech aspiring to graduate in the Spring of 2020.  Before beginning his sudies in Wildlife Conservation, he majored in Bioechnology and assisted in research on HIV at George Mason University's Science and Echnology Campus.  After coming to Virginia TEch, he helped do researach on tree swallows and worked in the Wildlife Habitat and Population Analysis Lab on the Beize Jaguar Project.  After graduation, Devin plans to relocate west to hep manage North American megafauna.  

Devin Adler

Henry Davie

Rasha is a senior at Virginia Tech graduating in May of 2020 with dual degrees in Wildlife Conservation and Multimedia Journalism. She plans to pursue environmental journalism in an effort to improve how the media communicates science. After graduation, Rasha will start her career as a freelance journalist and hopes that her reporting will take her all over the world as she searches for important stories to tell. In her free time she enjoys hiking, bird watching, photography, and reading.

Rasha Aridi

Giovanni  is a senior studying Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech aspiring to graduate in DEcember of 2020.  After researching the effects of climate change on lemur populations in Madagascar for a semester, he worked with Dr. Karpanty's lab looking at the population abundances and densities of the birds in that region. He plans to pursue further international research and conservation in the future, and obtain a Master's Degree.  

Giovanni Walters

Aaron Yowell

Aaron is a senior studying Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech aspiring to graduate in May of 2020.  He is primarily interested in bird ecology, having completed his undergraduate research project on relationships between vegetative characteristics and bird species abundance at Center Woods in Blacksburg, Virginia.  He has also assisted the Wildlife Habitat and Population Analysis lab at Virginia Tech with its research on large-predator coexistence ecology in Belize.  Aaron will begin his Master's Degree in Natural Resource Management following his graduation in May of 2020.