The Eastern Copperhead

The Eastern Copperhead Snake can often be found in rocky woody areas where they seek shelter amongst the crevices.  They are also apt to attracted to old farm equipment or construction equipment that may be sitting in a field so we do out best to keep ThunderCroft tidy.  They are generally nocturnal in their habits and in particular, they prefer to hunt along the open ground on warm humid nights.  Take precautions when walking through unestablished trail areas and avoid placing your hands underneath objects such as large rocks.

Snakes of  ThunderCroft

Virginia is home to approximately 35 different species of snakes.  Most snakes will bite if provoked; however, only 3 species in Virginia, the "Timber Rattlesnake", the "Copperhead" and the "Water Moccasin" are actually venomous and considered harmful to humans.  Thankfully, ThunderCroft is well out of the geographic region for the Water Moccasin; however, chance encounters with both the Timber Rattlesnake and Copperhead are possible so we highly encourage our visitors to learn as much as possible about their identification.

Eastern Copperhead

"Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen"

Timber Rattlesnake

"Crotalus horridus"

Non-poisonous Snakes

There are numerous other snakes that you may encounter at ThunderCroft that are considered non-poisonous.  All snakes can be provoked into biting and some are more aggresive than others so the best rule of thumb is to observe all snakes from a distance.  Here are some of the more abundant non-poisonous snakes you may encounter.  

Rat Snake

"Pantherophis alleghaniensis"

Harmless snakes, such as this Garter Snake, "Thamnophis sp.", can often be seen sunning themselves along the trail

The Timber Rattlesnake

The second species of concern in the Timber Rattlesnake.  In Virginia, this snake is most often found in the mountainous regions where it seeks rock ledges and exposed sunny areas.  Despite their frightening appearance, they are generally considered a "docile" snake that is less apt to bite unless provoked.  They will generally tend to retreat long before you see them and in case of an encounter, their "rattle" is enough warning to let you know you are near.  

Poisonous Snakes of ThunderCroft

Virginia is home to three poisonous snakes.  We urge our visitors to educate themselves on 2 of these species that you may encounter during your visit.  Although both species are fairly elusive, education is your first step in surviving an envenomation.

Black Racer

"Coluber constrictor priapus"

Eastern Watersnake

"Nerodia sipedon"

Garter Snake

"Thamnophis sp."